DGH rejects آ‘Missing Dataآ’ report

Vol 3, PW 19 (13 Oct 99) News in Brief

Indias Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH) has denied the loss of any data relating to the Cauvery basin from its offices in Delhi.

In the last issue of Petrowatch it was reported that Indian intelligence is investigating the alleged disappearance of floppy disks containing copies of data of the Cauvery Basin. In a statement addressed to Petrowatch, the DGH writes: "In your current issue (PW/29/Sep/99) you have mentioned about an alleged loss of data from DGH premises.

We wish to state that this report is totally false and malicious. We would request you to be more careful in future.

Kindly check with us before publishing such reports. A suitable correction or clarification may please be published in your next issue".

The DGH maintains that no data has been reported missing and that no inquiries to the DGH have been made by any agency in this regard.