Petrowatch would like to issue the following clarification on our story, 'Triune expulsion to cause LEWPP-1 legal fiasco' published December 15, 2016.

Afcons stresses that the November 25 meeting between oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Afcons company chairman PS Mistry reported in our story, "had nothing to do with this particular issue." Says Afcons: "Our senior management keeps meeting ministry officials for various business activities." When asked about the other points mentioned in the article an industry source closely associated with the LEWPP-1 project adds: "ONGC has written a number of warning letters to the consortium which are on record. Afcons has extended full support and hand-holding to Triune to expedite the engineering progress.

ONGC senior management also intervened and conducted high-level review meetings so that the problems at Triune are addressed. Only after there was no improvement in the engineering progress and all the commitments given by Triune failed did Afcons and Halani send a default notice and terminate the contract." Our industry source adds: "When AK Jain from Halani and others from Afcons visited Triune on 16-17 November it was concluded that there was no improvement at Triune so the statement in your article that, 'Jain did not find any problems' is incorrect.

In the larger interest of project completion Afcons must engage another competent engineering agency and has approached ONGC with Nauvata as one option to support the engineering. However, nothing has yet been concluded with ONGC." Complaints about inaccuracies in all sections of PETROWATCH, including online, should be addressed to or The Editor, Petrowatch, Ashoka Estate (11th Flr), 24 Barakhamba Road, Delhi 110 001

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