PNGRB looking for new Member Legal

Vol 20, PW 6 (01 Dec 16) News in Brief

One of Ashish Chatterjee's most pressing tasks as new joint secretary gas pricing will be to oversee the selection of a new Member Legal at the PNGRB gas regulator's office.

By the December 26 deadline Chatterjee will have to scan CVs from applicants no older than 62 attracted by the Rs4 lakh/month ($5800) salary (no car or house included in the package) to replace Subhash Chandra Batra who retires on December 17 - leaving the PNGRB crippled with just two Members: KK Jha and Basudev Mohanty. Under the PNGRB Act, 2006 a minimum three Members must be in place for the Board to carry out its statutory remit.

Applicants were earlier asked to send their CVs with a "single-page write-up on your expectations from the job" to joint secretary Ashutosh Jindal. But the final job advert - first published in national newspapers on November 26 - uploaded onto the PNGRB website four days later makes clear all applications must be directed to Ashish Chatterjee.

No one is any the wiser on what the oil ministry plans to do about the most important Board position of all: finding a replacement for former chairman S. Krishnan who retired more than a year ago on August 31 (2015).

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