Hunt begins to replace PNGRB chief DK Sarraf

Vol 23, PW 8 (27 Feb 20) People & Policy

All good things come to an end - and that includes the term of chairman DK Sarraf who has revitalised the PNGRB since his arrival after retiring as ONGC chairman.

On February 25 the oil ministry began the search for a new PNGRB chairman and three members with adverts on its website. Member (legal) SS Chahar is the first to retire on March 19 (2020) followed by member (infrastructure and technical) Satchidananda Rath on May 18 (2020) and finally DK Sarraf on December 3 (2020).

In addition, the ministry is looking to hire a member (monitoring), a post vacant since PK Bishnoi retired on July 1 (2016). Satpal Garg, member (commercial and monitoring), is the only Board member with significant time left to serve; he retires in August 2021.

Apart from Garg, the PNGRB will have a new cast of characters running the show by the end of this year (2020). Why is the ministry looking to fill the role of the fourth member lying vacant for so long? "Garg has the additional charge of monitoring," explains a source.

"But with the increased workload of CGD-IX and CGD-X, a full-time member (monitoring) is needed." Under Sarraf’s leadership, CGD-IX launched successfully, covering 86 areas across 174 districts, followed by CGD-X where 50 areas were covered in 124 districts.

Before he leaves, Sarraf wants to ensure the success of CGD-XI, expected to be launched in March (next month).