Chatterjee joins oil ministry as JS gas

Vol 20, PW 6 (01 Dec 16) News in Brief

Ashish Chatterjee, 43, has joined the oil ministry as JS for all things related to natural gas.

Chatterjee assumed his new charge in mid-November from the commerce ministry where he was personal assistant to commerce minister of state Nirmala Sitharaman. "Chatterjee will look after gas pricing," confirms an oil ministry source.

"All matters related to gas projects, production and pricing will be under him." Until now it was believed Chatterjee would take some workload off oil ministry director exploration Nalin Srivastava who complains he's over-worked overseeing around 200 PSCs. Srivastava leaves in December to join the UN mission in Sudan.

Happiest of all will be Ashutosh Jindal, JS marketing who was handling additional charge of gas pricing. "But now Jindal will look after only marketing," we hear.

"That means petrol pumps, LPG, the appointment of LPG dealers and other products." Chatterjee received his oil ministry transfer orders on August 22. He joined the IAS from Tamil Nadu in 1999 and is expected to stay at the oil ministry until April 15, 2019 when his five-year central government posting comes to an end.

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