BPRL drills dry hole in Cambay block

Vol 20, PW 2 (06 Oct 16) News in Brief

Disappointed but determined to carry on, Bharat Petro Resources (BPRL) is poised to drill a fourth well at Cambay onland block CB-ONN-2010/8 despite disappointing results at the third well which was dry.

"Land acquisition (for the fourth well) should be completed by mid-November," says a company source. "Hopefully drilling can begin by end-November." BPRL has decided to plug and abandon (3rd well) Vadod-1, earlier called Pasunia-3, after drilling it to 2152 metres using Essar Oilfield's 1000-hp rig.

"Well log interpretation wasn't encouraging," adds a source. "There were no hydrocarbon indications." Schlumberger carried out logging.

Meanwhile, BPRL is hoping for good news at the first exploration well Pasunia-1 which it began testing last week, encountering oil traces at 1700 metres in the well drilled to 2000 metres TD by March 2016. "Testing will go on for at least a week," said our source, on September 30.

"After Pasunia-1 we'll test well Pasunia-2." BRPL drilled Pasunia-2 to 2000 metres in April, encountering "a zone of interest" at 1200 metres.