Chetna drills D33#H in record time

Vol 19, PW 22 (14 Jul 16) News in Brief

After drilling a major gas discovery well in the Kutch basin, Greatship jack-up Greatdrill Chetna is drilling a HP/HT well at the D-33 marginal field offshore Mumbai.

"We're about to complete well D33#H to 4000 metres TD," confirms a source on July 6. Greatship spud the well in late April at the 133-sq km field 60-km southwest of Mumbai High hoping to complete it in a record three months.

By contrast Chetna took nine months to reach 5157 metres TD by April 10 at Kutch well GSS041NAA-2 in offshore block GS-OSN-2004/1. "Weather conditions in Kutch were harsh.

" In its annual report published May 26 ONGC says well GSS041NAA-2 flowed 156,563 cm/d and 4771 b/d water through a ½-inch choke during testing from a 24-metre interval between 4459 and 4483 metres and a 12-metre interval between 4422 and 4434 metres in Mesozoic sandstone formations. Another Greatship rig (Greatdrill Chitra) continues to drill well D-1-M at the D-1 field off Mumbai to revised 4430 metres TD.