Arrow hits back at Essar report

Vol 13, PW 5 (13 Aug 09) News in Brief

Australian CBM explorer Arrow Energy has hit back at comments by Essar in our last issue that it drills the most expensive CBM wells in India.

“I strongly oppose the comments by Essar that the CBM well cost of Arrow is the most expensive,â€‌ writes Arrow country manager Sudhansu Adhikari, in a mail to this report. “I do not know how Essar got the well cost of Arrow and BP when neither Arrow nor BP has drilled a single well in India so far!â€‌ Adhikari said Arrow’s track record in international CBM exploration and production is “difficult to beatâ€‌ and that the company is widely recognised as being one of the most efficient CBM drillers in the business.

“Our coreholes of 1000 metres were completed between 20 to 30 days on average,â€‌ adds Adhikari. “Essar took 60 to 100 days to complete coreholes of similar depths.

That may be the reason why they needed a one-year extension of their Phase-I commitment, which they completed seven years after being awarded the block.â€‌