Six likely bidders for ONGC compressors

Vol 19, PW 10 (28 Jan 16) News in Brief

ONGC is likely to receive six bids in an EPC tender to set up and commission compressors at its Ahmedabad asset.

ONGC wants three compressors each of 50,000 cm/d capacity for a new facility proposed at Wadu, two compressors each of 50,000 cm/d for a new facility at Nawagam, three compressors each of 25,000 cm/d for a new facility at Kalol and two compressors each of 15,000 cm/d for a new facility at Motera. Expect bids from Kalpataru Power Transmission, Fabtech Projects, Tata Projects, BGR Energy, Bridge and Roof and KazStroyService.

“This project is worth about Rs100cr ($14.7m),” says a likely bidder. “There’s hardly any engineering - most of the work is buying compressors, installing them and doing a 72-hour Performance Guarantee Test Run.

” Tender documents are on sale from January 15 to March 29 - also the bid deadline. A pre-bid will be held in Delhi on February 12.

Interested companies can carry out site visits on February 1-2.