Polar Duchess leaves Fredrikshaven for India

Vol 19, PW 6 (19 Nov 15) Exploration & Production

Dolphin Geophysical wants to mobilise vessel Polar Duchess to India’s east coast by December 15 to begin shooting 3D for ONGC.

Dolphin received a LoA from ONGC on November 6 to shoot 4285-sq km 3D on the east and west coasts of India to be processed using onboard high definition broadband technology. Under the LoA, Dolphin must mobilise Polar Duchess to India by January 5.

On November 16, the 12-streamer Cyprus-flagged Polar Duchess left Frederikshaven port in Denmark to begin her journey. Dolphin is simultaneously negotiating with helicopter operators to hire one or possibly two crew change helicopters to support the assignment.

“Price quotes have been submitted by two or three helicopter operators,” says an industry source. “Rates are very low.

” ONGC wants 370-sq km shot in the eastern offshore and 3915-sq km in the western offshore. “If there are no delays from obstruction or damage by fishing nets the eastern offshore assignment shouldn't take more than 25 days at the most using a six-streamer vessel,” we hear.

Because of this Dolphin might not need a crew change helicopter for the east coast and will rely instead on local supply vessels. For medical emergencies Dolphin can request assistance from ONGC which has 'medivac' (medical evacuation) helicopters on standby.

“ONGC has always helped (seismic) contractors in emergency situations,” adds a source. On the west coast Dolphin will need at least one crew change helicopter because seismic acquisition can take around six months.