Dolphin sends two boats to shoot 3D for ONGC

Vol 17, PW 9 (28 Nov 13) Exploration & Production

Dolphin Geophysical is preparing to deploy two vessels off India’s northwest coast to begin shooting 3200-sq km seismic for ONGC across two NELP blocks and one pre-NELP block.

Norwegian contractor Dolphin is confident it will have all approvals in place to deploy Polar Arctic to Kutch blocks GK-OSN-2009/1 and GK-OSN-2009/2 by December 28. With its 55-man crew, Polar Arctic is shooting ahead of schedule for US-based Noble Energy in Israeli waters.

Polar Arctic typically trails 12-14 streamers but Dolphin, we hear, will fit it out with between eight to 10 streamers for the Kutch survey. By January 14 a second vessel, Artemis Arctic, with a crew of 45, will deploy to adjacent pre-NELP shallow water block GK-28 PML and begin shooting using six to eight streamers.

“Both boats will shoot simultaneously,” says Dolphin. “Artemis is better for shallow waters.

” With Gujarat port Porbandar as shore base, Dolphin believes the survey can be completed by end-April next year. Efforts are underway to secure the cooperation of local fisherman to allow the survey to proceed unhindered.

Global Vectra is providing helicopter support but Dolphin is using its own supply boats. “Dolphin is busy getting all official clearances to bring the two vessels into India,” we hear.

“Red tape is a big problem.” Dolphin announced on November 12 it had won a five-month contract in Indian waters for an “undisclosed client” later identified as ONGC.