DD-KG1 to drill well before Reliance handover

Vol 16, PW 20 (02 May 13) Exploration & Production

ONGC is preparing to deploy DD-KG1 to drill its final well before handing back the Transocean deepwater drillship to Reliance in three months from now.

“Next week we should know the exact next location from our G&G department,” says ONGC. “Most likely it will be in water depths of 3000 metres.

” Last week DD-KG1 completed exploration well A1 for ONGC at its 1727-sq km NELP-VII deepwater block KG-DWN-2005/1. Sitting in water depths of more than 3000 metres, A1 was drilled to 6000 metres TD.

“Drilling is over,” adds ONGC. “Logs are being evaluated.

” In 2009, ONGC sub-let DD-KG1 from Reliance for four years until July 29, 2013 at an Operating Day Rate of $510,000. When her ONGC contract ends, Reliance will take back DD-KG1 to drill appraisal and development wells at the satellite and R-Series areas of KG-DWN-98/3, which includes the depleting D1 and D3 gasfields.

Another Transocean rig DD-KG2 is already with Reliance at KG-DWN-98/3 where it completed exploration well MJ-1 last month (April) to 4500 metres TD amid reports of a gas discovery. ONGC’s decision to return DD-KG1 to Reliance leaves it with one deepwater drillship: Platinum Explorer.

Owned by US-based Vantage Drilling, Platinum is currently sailing to 4988-sq km NELP-I gas discovery block MN-DWN-98/3 to drill an exploration well in water depths of 1400 metres to 8000 metres TD. Last week Platinum completed an appraisal well for ONGC and partner Cairn India at KG-DWN-98/2.

ONGC has also hired semi-submersible MG Hulme Jr. from Transocean which continues drilling relief well G4-6 at pre-NELP deepwater block G4.

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