D. Ray resigns from IOC over Reliance e-mail

Vol 19, PW 3 (08 Oct 15) People & Policy

Even PETROWATCH can get it wrong! In our July 30 edition we reported how IndianOil general manager and incoming director R&D Debangshu Ray was cleared of wrongdoing over an unauthorised email exchange with Reliance’s RK Ghosh, a former director at IndianOil.

Ray, a general manager rank officer, resigned last week rather than face the humiliation of demotion to deputy general manager as recommended by the Central Vigilance Commission in its final report on the case submitted on September 21. Expect a new selection process for the director R&D post as a result.

“Ray was embarrassed,” says a source. “He expected a promotion but ended up getting a demotion so he resigned.

” By October 1, Ray’s resignation had yet to be accepted by company chairman B. Ashok, who was away in Singapore.

Ray was suspended on February 27 this year - a day before his formal appointment as director R&D, after company snoops caught him exchanging emails with former IOC director refineries Ghosh, now with Reliance. Ray claimed it was innocuous correspondence but the CVC was unconvinced: the email contained a list of contractors competing for a yet to be awarded petrochemical project tender.

Ray’s supporters are dismayed at his treatment, saying he's 'clean' and was earlier cleared by the CVC. His appointment was also confirmed by Narendra Modi.