April 23 deadline for CGD-V in doubt

Vol 18, PW 16 (09 Apr 15) News in Brief

Don't expect a rush to launch the 5th CGD licensing round.

All potential bidders who attended a pre-bid on March 24 told the PNGRB in no uncertain terms they want a postponement of the April 23 deadline for the 20 new areas on offer. “Everyone was unanimous that the present April 23 deadline is too short to organise bank guarantees and other documents,” says a source present.

“We expect the PNGRB to postpone the deadline by at least a month." GAIL Gas, Bhagyanagar Gas and consultant Mercados were among the 18 participants at the meeting.

Another source says the pre-bid in Delhi lasted just an hour. “We are addressing several questions raised at the pre-bid,” reports a PNGRB source.

“Clarifications will be issued soon.” Analysts expect bids for just four or five areas on offer as the rest are rural with hardly any industrial or commercial customers.

Bid documents are on sale till April 16.