Oil India investigates NADRA deal

Vol 18, PW 11 (29 Jan 15) News in Brief

Ukrainian seismic contractor NADRA is now the subject of an internal Oil India investigation into how it won a controversial tender to process and interpret 450-sq km 3D shot by AlphaGeo last year (2014) at onland Mizoram block MZ-ONN-2004/1.

"The matter is with the CBC now," confirms a source. "There will be a lot of inquiries before this contract is awarded.

"NADRA was lowest bidder last September quoting $3.5m while rival CGG came second, quoting $3.7m. Astonishment greeted moves by Oil India to award NADRA the contract when the tender clearly stated any winner should have a state-of-the-art seismic processing centre in India operating for seven years, something NADRA does not have.

It's understood Oil India officials visited NADRA's hastily built processing centre in Noida recently but rejected it, though this could not be independently verified. When contacted, Oil India North East Frontier (NEF) basin head AN Borthakur declined to comment.

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