NADRA bids lowest in Oil India tender

Vol 18, PW 3 (25 Sep 14) News in Brief

Ukraine’s NADRA group will need to open a seismic interpretation and processing centre in Delhi if it wants to execute an Oil India contract to process and interpret 450-sq km 3D shot by Alpha Geo at NELP-VI onland Mizoram block MZ-ONN-2004/1.

Oil India opened price bids in September and NADRA, set up in 1991, quoted $3.5m, with CGG quoting $3.7m. “NADRA people visited Duliajan to negotiate with us,” says a source.

“They look capable but they must open a data processing centre in India because seismic data cannot be taken out of the country.” Oil India earlier had doubts about awarding the contract to NADRA and it is still unclear if the little-known Ukrainian company is ready to open an office in India.

Separately, Oil India floated a limited tender on September 9 to Asian Oilfield, IOT and Alpha Geo to shoot 154-sq km ‘loop’ 3D at MZ-ONN-2004/1. Oil India had drilled well Aibawk-1 to 800 metres by September 17.