Mathur wins hearts and minds at MGL

Vol 18, PW 8 (04 Dec 14) News in Brief

After losing to Sanjib Datta in the race for GAIL’s director business development job earlier this year, Rajeev Mathur’s future looked bleak.

Now things are looking rosier as he wins praise in his new role as Mahanagar Gas (MGL) managing director. Mathur, 54, took over from Vipin Chandra Chittoda on September 29.

About 500 employees at MGL, a gas retailer with operations at Mumbai and Thane, are pleased that Mathur offered generous bonuses despite the company facing difficulties after the Delhi-based weights and measures department ordered it to close 22 CNG stations. “Earlier, even a small hit to profits reflected in our bonuses and ex-gratia payments,” says a MGL source.

A trained engineer with an MBA in marketing management, Mathur has years of experience sourcing gas, which will help as MGL ramps up operations. “He’s cool and composed but also determined,” we hear.

“He’s friendly and approachable.” Mathur was earlier GAIL ED (marketing).