Halliburton on track with DGH data bank

Vol 18, PW 7 (20 Nov 14) News in Brief

Halliburton is on track to set up India’s long-awaited National Data Repository at the DGH’s offices in Noida by March next year.

"By March 3, 2015, we will begin adding data into the NDR,” says a DGH source. “Halliburton must ensure the NDR is ready by March 2, 2015.

" Our source reckons "populating" the NDR with available data will take at least a year and it will be open to the public from March 3, 2016. Halliburton is busy commissioning the hardware for the NDR and the software to operate the electronic library of data on sedimentary basins has also reached India.

"Software is held up at customs," we hear. "They want some certificate from us (DGH) before releasing it.

We’re completing the paperwork this week." DGH officials aim to begin integrating hardware and software to operate the NDR by early December.

Engineers India is also working overtime to refurbish two floors at the DGH building to house the NDR. "Construction work is 99% complete," we hear.

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