Sintex hires two Quippo rigs in Gujarat

Vol 17, PW 26 (14 Aug 14) News in Brief

Sintex has hired two Quippo land rigs for its eight-well exploration campaign at CB-ONN-2009/7 in Gujarat.

On July 25 Sintex issued a LoA for one 750-hp to drill vertical wells and a second 1300-hp rig to drill deviated or ‘S-profile’ wells at the 144-sq km block. “Quippo didn’t have a 1000-hp rig available,” says a source.

“Sintex is paying the same for the 1300-hp rig as for a 1000-hp rig.” Both rigs have been hired for six months from October (2014) till April (2015) to drill four ‘firm’ wells with an option to drill more if results from earlier drilling warrant it.

Sintex wants to spud the first well in October (2014) and has extended the bid deadline for a technical consultant to replace Josler Hydrocarbons from May 25 to August 25. By end-August Sintex hopes to receive environmental clearance for its drilling campaign following a public hearing among farmers near Ahmedabad on July 27.

Sintex has received DGH approval to drill eight of 15 wells committed in Phase-I.

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