Sanjib Datta next GAIL director BD

Vol 17, PW 15 (13 Mar 14) News in Brief

Congratulations are in order for GAIL executive director (business development) Sanjib Datta who moves up to become director BD on the board, replacing S.

Venkatraman who retires in September. Hugely popular and approachable, Datta beat 10 others after PESB interviews on February 14.

Born in September 1962, he defeated GAIL executive directors Rajeev Mathur (marketing), PK Pal (project development), AK Singh (southern zone), PK Gupta (marketing), Gajendra Singh (E&P), MB Gohil (petrochemicals), Indraprastha Gas MD Narendra Kumar, IOC general manager BS Giridhar, ONGC general manager KS Venkatesh and dept. of technology officer P.

Santhosham. “Datta had GAIL chairman's (BC Tripathi's) support," we hear.

"He understands international gas markets and has experience scouting for global deals." Datta became ED last year and was chief executive assistant to former GAIL chairman Prashant Banerjee from 2001 to 2006.

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