GAIL dir. BD interviews back on track

Vol 19, PW 4 (22 Oct 15) News in Brief

Empty for more than a year, 18 candidates from GAIL have applied for the controversial director BD post, vacant since S.

Venkatraman retired in September 2014. PETROWATCH learns the PESB will interview 15 candidates on October 30, after preparing a shortlist ready by October 26.

Last year GAIL executive director Gajendra Singh famously scuppered the selection of Sanjib Datta, also a GAIL executive director, after filing a discrimination complaint. Still the favourite, it's unclear if Datta will be shortlisted as he is ninth youngest among the 18 candidates.

“GAIL has forwarded the names of all 18 candidates who applied,” we hear. “But more than eight GAIL candidates will only qualify if less than seven external candidates apply.

” With his strong R-LNG sourcing experience, Mahanagar Gas chief Rajeev Mathur is also a strong candidate. Others who applied are GAIL Gas chief PK Pal, IGL boss Narendra Kumar, NK Agarwal and - Gajendra Singh.

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