Selan planning another five wells in Gujarat

Vol 17, PW 8 (14 Nov 13) Exploration & Production

BSE-listed Selan Exploration has finished drilling three wells this year at its Bakrol field but is aiming to drill five more at other fields by the end of 2013-14.

In late October, the Gurgaon-based company moved 1000-hp John Energy rig John-18, hired on a one-year contract, to the 130 sq-km Indrora oilfield, near Bakrol outside Ahmedabad. At Indrora, Selan plans to drill two appraisal and development wells.

Well#13 will take about 40 days to drill. DGH clearance is still pending for the second well.

After Indrora, Selan will begin drilling two wells at the 5 sq-km Lohar field in north Gujarat, followed by one well at the 5 sq-km Karjisan gasfield. At 36 sq-km Bakrol, Selan spud well#21 on July 19 and drilled it to 1570 metres TD in 27 days.

Well#22 was then drilled in 20 days to 1510 metres TD. Well#23 was drilled to 1560 metres TD in 26 days.

Selan says well#21 and well#23 are ‘deviated wells’ but well#22 is a vertical well. “Based on G&G results,” says Selan, ”we might drill four optional wells at Bakrol.

” Drilling each well costs Selan around Rs3.25cr ($0.52m). Bakrol was producing 22,000 cm/d of gas until March 2013 but this has gradually reduced to 18,000 cm/d.

Selan hopes to boost production to 80,000 cm/d.

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