GSF Explorer trouble at KG well

Vol 17, PW 1 (08 Aug 13) News in Brief

Transocean deepwater drillship GSF Explorer has run into trouble at her first well for ONGC at eastern offshore KG basin deepwater gas discovery block KG-DWN-98/2.

Poor visibility meant Explorer took two days to 'stab in' the 20-inch casing at well M3. “She could ‘stab-in’ only on August 5,” we learn.

“But crew decided on August 6 to pull out the casing as drilling was slow because the (subsea) formation turned out to be harder than expected.” Instead, a 26-inch casing will be lowered.

Earlier on July 30, Explorer 'ran-in' the 36-inch conductor and 30-inch well-head casing. Explorer reached Kakinada on July 8 from Singapore and reached location M3 and ‘spud’ the well on July 22 in water depths of 524 metres.

ONGC hired Explorer on May 24 on a one-year contract at an Effective Day Rate of $434,000 to replace AMNGR-owned Deep Venture. Russia's AMNGR wanted an extension for Venture from April 30 to October 1, but ONGC declined.

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