ONGC hires GSF Explorer from Transocean

Vol 16, PW 22 (30 May 13) News in Brief

ONGC has cancelled a drilling contract awarded to Russia’s state-owned Open Joint Stock Company ArktikMorNefteGazRazvedka (AMNGR), instead awarding it to second-ranked Transocean.

PETROWATCH learns ONGC on May 24 issued a LoA to Transocean, hiring GSF Explorer to drill appraisal wells at its KG-DWN-98/2 and MN-DWN-98/3 deepwater blocks. ONGC hired Explorer on a one-year contract at an Effective Day Rate of $434,000.

“Explorer is in Singapore being readied for the ONGC contract,” we are told. “She will be mobilised to India by mid-July to begin drilling up to four deepwater wells.

" On March 26, ONGC hired AMNGR drillship Deep Venture for two years at an Operating Day Rate of $399,000. AMNGR was to mobilise the rig by April 30 but wrote to ONGC on April 9 seeking an extension to October 1.

ONGC was forced to turn to Transocean as the DGH wants it to complete its appraisal well programme by December 2013.

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