No Diwali gifts please, we are GSPC

Vol 16, PW 9 (15 Nov 12) News in Brief

Tapan Ray cracked down hard this Diwali.

No chocolate boxes or cashew nuts, walnut and dry fruit baskets or cut glass crockery, silverware, mobile handsets or wristwatches were to be showered on GSPC officials by sycophantic contractors, sub-contractors or oilfield service providers. GSPC managing director Ray sternly ordered that all bags, briefcases and laptop bags were to be checked thoroughly by burly security guards at the entrance of GSPC’s steel and glass sector 11 headquarters in Gandhinagar to prevent such offending items being sneaked in on the sly.

Ray’s draconian order came into force on November 1 and will remain until the Hindu festival of Diwali ends later this month. Ray is not wrong: ‘gifts’ to state-owned company officials can very easily be mistaken for bribes.

Yet some enterprising contractors found a clever solution by sending ‘gifts’ - directly to the residences of GSPC officials.

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