GSPC gift of first DD-West gas for Narendra Modi

Vol 17, PW 21 (05 Jun 14) Midstream & Downstream

As gifts go, it doesn’t get any better for new Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Almost a month to the day before he was sworn-in, first gas began flowing from the Deen Dayal West field operated by GSPC, his pet company. Shrouded in secrecy, GSPC chose not to publicise the event, for reasons only it knows best.

Yet an eyewitness tells us on April 29, after months of false starts and missed deadlines, GSPC engineers on the 13,105-tonne Aker-designed and L&T-constructed offshore PLQP opened the choke valve of Well#D-3 amid thunderous applause from assembled technicians and engineers clad in orange overalls and yellow helmets. “Everybody was very happy,” says a GSPC source.

“For a long time we waited for this day.” Gas entered the fuel system and flowed to two flare tripods located on the PLQP’s north deck: one a HP (high pressure) gas flare, the other a LP (low pressure) gas flare.

“As gas reached the flare,” he adds, “the flickering flame burnt brighter and brighter eventually becoming rich orange.” No details are available about the flow rate.

“Good gas flow is there but the exact rate has not been metered yet,” adds a senior GSPC source. “Gas metering will start in the next few days.

” When fully onstream GSPC expects DD-West to produce up to 2.32m cm/d, increasing to 5.23m cm/d within three years where it will plateau for 11 years.