No surprise as Rahul Dhir leaves Cairn

Vol 16, PW 2 (09 Aug 12) News in Brief

Few will be surprised by this week’s announcement that Cairn India managing director Rahul Dhir is stepping down on August 31 to pursue his “entrepreneurial” interests.

“Rahul was appointed for the IPO and to get production up to 175,000 b/d,” says a former colleague. “Both these milestones have been achieved; his job is done.

” He adds: “Getting production up to 300,000 b/d is a production engineering job; it doesn’t need someone with Rahul’s skill in maintaining stakeholder relationships.” Still unclear is what Dhir, a trained engineer and former Merrill Lynch and Warburg banker, will do after Cairn, with rumours suggesting it could be anything from airports to oil and gas ventures in Gujarat.

In February rumours were circulating that Dhir was contemplating a move to the US where he would look after Reliance’s shale gas business alongside his own interests. Cairn director strategy P.

Elango, a company veteran of 15 years, replaces Dhir as interim CEO.

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