Gas regulator escapes to US on vacation

Vol 16, PW 2 (09 Aug 12) News in Brief

Three high-ranking officials at the Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board are enjoying a two-week holiday in the US as problems at the Delhi-based gas regulator’s office pile up.

Accompanied by their wives, PETROWATCH hears Board chairman S. Krishnan, member technical KK Jha and OSD (Officer on Special Duty) Rameshwar Rao left India on July 27 to attend a two-day seminar organised by the Asia Pacific Energy Regulatory Forum in Washington beginning August 1.

They are scheduled to return on August 16. “There is so much pending work,” says a PNGRB insider, “and ‘members’ are taking a holiday!” Of the five-member PNGRB board, only member commercial Pradip Kumar Bishnoi is left in Delhi, holding the reins.

“Two members are in the US on holiday,” he adds, “and two have retired!” Aside from taking a decision on the third round of city gas distribution licences, the Board must also redesign bid parameters for the fourth CGD round.

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