D6 revival prayer

Vol 15, PW 8 (20 Oct 11) News in Brief

Some believe nothing short of a miracle can reverse declining gas production from Mukesh Ambani-controlled Reliance’s D6 block.

Perhaps, suggests a Gujarat government official, that’s why Ambani’s wife Nita and mother Kokilaben were seen praying on October 5 at the Ambaji temple in north Gujarat’s arid Banaskantha district. “Come to Ambaji with any problem and the temple’s Goddess Amba provides you with a solution,” we hear.

“Maybe the Ambanis are seeking divine intervention at their D6 block.” But even deities dispense their favours at a price, and in this case Nita Ambani sacrificed a gold necklace worth Rs1.5 lakh ($3000) to please the goddess.

Both Ambani ladies, dressed in resplendent saris, rode a Reliance helicopter to the temple where they were greeted by priests, top Reliance officials, Banaskantha police chief SM Katara and local government official JB Vora. Security at the temple was tightened in anticipation of the high-profile visit.