Living amidst cartons as DGH officials unpack in Noida

Vol 11, PW 15 (15 Nov 07) People & Policy

Anyone who wants to meet the DGH might in future be advised to carry a book to pass the time while travelling! Why On November 1, the DGH officially began functioning from its new office in Sector 63 in the Delhi suburb of Noida, some 25-km east of central Delhi in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh.

This will be welcome news for DGH officials – including director general VK Sibal – who live in Noida, less so for oil and gas executives heading out from their five-star hotels in central Delhi, or oil companies such as Cairn India based in Gurgaon, west of Delhi. In May, we reported the DGH was planning to shift to a rented office in Noida for two reasons: first, a lack of space due to its ever-increasing workload; second and most importantly, because the rent lease for the DGH’s former office in the Hindustan Times building in central Delhi ended in April and was not renewed.

Eyewitnesses tell us renovation work is still underway in the DGH’s new office, which still needs a final lick of paint. When ready, officials will work from three floors (ground, first and second), plus a basement.

Sibal has been allocated an office on the second floor. “Those working in the basement are enjoying a paid vacation right now,â€‌ says a source.

“They can’t start work because all the stuff brought from Delhi has been kept there.â€‌ All the cartons have the names of DGH staffers clearly marked on them for easy identification later.

“Most officers are trying to get hold of support staff to unpack their stuff lying in the basement,â€‌ we hear. “The main entrance to the office of the DGH is still not ready,â€‌ says an onlooker.

“Tiles are still being laid on the floor; the wooden floor is also being polished. It should take around 15 days before work at the entrance is completed.

â€‌ For now, officials are using a separate entrance.