Reliance acquires 60-sq km 3D per day

Vol 10, PW 20 (08 Feb 07) News in Brief

Reliance is acquiring 3D seismic off the west and east coasts of India at a record 60-sq km a day.

“With more streamers we could increase this rate even more,â€‌ says a source. “Reliance is using only eight streamers but if it used 10 streamers it could acquire at a faster rate.

â€‌ Reliance is in the midst of a mammoth 5000-sq km 3D seismic acquisition campaign of acreage on both sides of India. This month (February) Reliance should complete acquisition of 2500-sq km 3D from acreage in the Kerala Konkan basin on the west coast of India, using seismic acquisition boat Geo Atlantic from Fugro.

After finishing in the Kerala Konkan, Geo Atlantic will sail to the east coast to shoot another 2500-sq km 3D in shallow and deepwater acreage in the Krishna Godavari basin before sailing off to the North Sea in May on a contract with Statoil for the remainder of the season till November. Reliance will begin processing 3D from the east and west coasts of India in April and May this year.