Reliance changes SR-OS-94/1 work programme

Vol 6, PW 2 (27 Mar 02) News in Brief

Last month the oil ministry accepted a Reliance request to change the work programme of its Gujarat block SR-OS-94/1.

Reliance and Oil India jointly own the 9,150 sq km block awarded under the seventh round. A two-year 'Phase-I' of the minimum work programme sees A.

P.I of 100 sq km 3D and reprocessing of 3,000 km 2D.

But Reliance wants to shoot 2,500 km 2D instead of 100 sq km 3D. Shooting 100 sq km 3D is inadequate to "cover the aerial extent over which the two geological plays lie in the block." DGH officials support the Reliance proposal, pointing out that 2,500 km 2D is more expensive than 100 sq km 3D.