Cairn set to produce extra 900m cm/d from Ravva

Vol 4, PW 18 (11 Oct 00) Exploration & Production

After months of delay, the Cairn Energy-led consortium operating the Ravva oilfield offshore Andhra Pradesh has received government permission to begin producing extra gas from its satellite fields.

Consortium members expected a Letter of Intent (LoI) in April this year. Instead it came only in August, mainly because of an inability by ONGC members sitting on the seven-man operating committee to take a decision without first reporting back through the corporation's labyrinthine chain of command.

It is understood some 'deft footwork' by Cairn eventually secured corporation approval. Now plans are afoot to drill a first development well in one of the satellite fields by July next year.

This report learns that by September 2001, the consortium hopes to begin piping an estimated 900,000 cubic metres a day (cm/d) of gas to a landfall point at Suryasanayam in Andhra Pradesh, from where Gas Authority of India will on-sell to customers in the power and fertiliser sector. Internal data obtained by Petrowatch reveals that Ravva satellite fields R-22, R-23, RF and RD-5 hold an estimated 4.22bn cubic metres of in-place reserves and 2.74bn cubic metres recoverable.

A 3D seismic survey covering the Ravva licence began in February 2000 andshould be over "in the next weather window". There has been no drilling at Ravva since November 1998.