Cairn produces 51,208 b/d at Ravva in October

Vol 6, PW 20 (04 Dec 02) Exploration & Production

ITS MUCH better news for the Cairn-operated Ravva consortium, further up the coast from PY-3.

October daily production figures seen by this report are 2.4% above the target of 50,000 b/d or an average of51,208 b/d. Our source reports: "All key producers were online during October.

A decline in gas-to-oil ratio and a marginal increase in water cut were seen in October as compared to September." Ravva crude oil was loaded on to three tankers and the consortium received an "average provisional oil price" of $28.22 a barrel. October daily gas sales under the old contracts crossed the target of 1.06m cm/d by 7% and were an average of 1.07m cm/d.

The consortium received an "average gas price" of $2.96 per mmbtu. The only dark spot was gas sales from the Ravva Satellite Gasfields, which were only 82% of the 'nominated' quantity.

This was because GAIL took in less gas in the face of lower demand. But the consortium received an average price of $3.30 per mmbtu: the maximum under the contract.

Cairn records as a key milestone the 100m barrels total water injection achieved during October. But on a day-to-day basis, water injection was down to a mean of 83,396 barrels.

The fall, was due to the "additional downtime in the injection system due to replacement of bore well header." We also learn that 11 'bottom hole pressure' surveys were carried out in October. Cairn says it has identified wells for 'reservoir evaluation studies' for which the tendering process has begun.

As for geological and geophysical studies, detailed interpretation and prospect evaluation is underway for the "highly ranked leads" and so is detailed reservoir mapping and geological cross section generation. There were no drilling or workover operations at Ravva in October.