Cairn Energy plans new LPG site near Ravva

Vol 3, PW 25 (19 Jan 00) News in Brief

Edinburgh-based upstream explorer Cairn Energy plans to build a new LPG facility near its offshore Ravva field in southern India.

Cairn has awarded ONGCs Institute of Oil and Gas Production Technology (IOGPT) at Panvel a consultancy contract for basic engineering, bid package preparation and site supervision for a proposed 65 tonnes a day LPG production facility at Suryasanam. Ravva produces 50,000 barrels a day (b/d).

IOGPT is also bidding with Cairn Energy - on a nomination basis - for a consultancy to handle Flow Line Optimisation and Surging Problems at Panna-Mukta. A source tells Petrowatch IOGPT is examining several other opportunities in Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Oman to provide training and consultancy in oil and gas production.

We plan to make aggressive presentations in these countries, said a senior IOGPT official.