Pradhan's diary triggers roadshow chaos at DGH

Vol 19, PW 24 (11 Aug 16) People & Policy

Total chaos reigns at the DGH over dates for the remaining roadshows to promote the Discovered Small Fields bidding round.

Oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan, it seems, is keeping everyone guessing about his schedule. Anyone interested in bidding from abroad will have got a taste of what working in India is like after the DGH rescheduled the Bengaluru roadshow dates not once but twice.

And they still aren't confirmed! First it was July 29 then postponed to August 5, then to August 22. A DGH source on August 3 still couldn't confirm it would take place.

"Don't count on August 22," he said. "Watch out for announcements, August 22 is not confirmed." Several participants have been forced to cancel flight tickets and hotel bookings.

"We cancelled our bookings not once but twice for the Bengaluru roadshow," complains an upset foreign investor. Similar is the story for the Dubai roadshow, postponed from August 16 and 17 to August 23 and 24.

"Pradhan is a busy man," adds a DGH source. "We have to change the dates according to his availability." Nobody is convinced.

"The DGH can't get its dates right," complains a Singapore-based consultant. No one can yet confirm when the UK road-show will take place but a DGH source says it might be from September 12 to 15 in London with a day in Aberdeen.