Houston and Calgary roadshow dates

Vol 19, PW 20 (16 Jun 16) News in Brief

After Mumbai, the next roadshow to promote 46 contract areas on offer in the marginal fields round will be on June 25 in Assam capital Guwahati in India's remote north-east, according to a DGH official contacted by this report.

Six of the 67 fields across 46 areas are in the north-east and were earlier held by Oil India, which traditionally operates in this volatile area. Still unclear is the date or venue of the confirmed roadshow in London, adds our DGH source, as details are still being worked out.

Nor is it yet certain if the oil ministry thinks it worthwhile to hold roadshows in Perth or Singapore. Exact dates for two locations however are becoming clearer: July 11 and 12 in Houston followed by July 14 and 15 in Calgary.

These dates have not yet been formally announced by the DGH or the oil ministry and are subject to formal government of India confirmation. Under the new Hydrocarbon Exploration Licensing Policy (HELP) winners will receive a single license for conventional and non-conventional hydrocarbon production with no restriction on exploration during the contract period.