IOC to triple Pondicherry LPG capacity

Vol 19, PW 23 (28 Jul 16) News in Brief

IndianOil wants to triple storage capacity at its 300-tonne LPG bottling facility in Pondicherry to avoid, "constraints in day-to-day operations" and a potential "crisis situation." Writing to the environment ministry on June 6 for Terms of Reference to complete an Environmental Impact Assessment study, IndianOil says it wants to construct two additional 300-tonne Mounded Bullet Storage Vessels to add to three 100-tonne vessels already in place on the 17-acre site at Thirukanchi village around 10-km from Pondicherry.

Justifying the expansion, IndianOil says the present 300-tonne storage capacity that supplies 34,000 t/y LPG in cylinders to businesses and homes in Pondicherry, Cuddalore, Chidambaram, Thurukovilur and Viluppuram districts allows only two or three days of cover in the event of disruption to LPG supplies. "An additional two mounded bullets with 300-tonne capacity each in the plant will ensure seven or eight-day cover on a stand-alone basis," says IndianOil.

Also of concern is the deterioration in health of the existing 300-tonne facility.