GSPC plans Rs3.4cr spend at Tarapur

Vol 19, PW 23 (28 Jul 16) News in Brief

GSPC is preparing to increase oil and gas production at its Tarapur Development#1 field at onshore pre-NELP block CB-ON/2, also known as the Tarapur block.

A week ago Schlumberger began fracking well TA6#A5 where GSPC expects to produce 157 b/d of oil and 3750 cm/d of gas. By mid-July GSPC completed a workover at this well and also at well TA6#A1 where it expects to produce 94 b/d of oil and 2250 cm/d of gas.

Earlier on July 5, GSPC chief operating officer NK Mitra submitted a 're-certification report' to the environment ministry's Expert Appraisal Committee, issued by the ministry's Bhopal regional office, clearing the way for a Rs3.4cr ($505,000) project to modify or increase capacity at the Tarapur Early Production system. Three wells are presently connected to the system but after the modification project is completed by mid-2017 another 12 will be connected.

The net result will be that Tarapur oil production will increase from 63 b/d to 1300 b/d and gas production will rise from 10,800 cm/d to 70,350 cm/d.