Kidnap fears overshadow Karbi Anglong 3D plan

Vol 19, PW 12 (25 Feb 16) Exploration & Production

Oil India wants potential bidders for a 3D job in Assam's volatile Karbi Anglong district to think carefully before they respond.

What can they expect from the assignment to shoot 396-sq km 3D at the AA-ONN-2010/2 block? Not only is the area heavily forested, it is also overrun by armed separatists from the Karbi People's Liberation Tiger (KPLT) group. An industry source tells us abductions are common.

If you don't pay a ransom, the kidnapped victim is killed. And if you want the dead body back you must still pay.

"It's a difficult area," admits an Oil India source. "So we've asked bidders to familiarise themselves with all aspects including security and law and order.

" Oil India wants bids by March 15 in the tender issued on February 15 to eight pre-qualified contractors: Russia's Geotech Seismic Services; Geokinetics Singapore; Terraseis based in Anguilla, a British overseas territory in the Caribbean; Iran's Dana Geophysical Kish Company; Kazakhstan's Geo Energi and Indian companies Alpha Geo, Asian Oilfield and Advent Oilfield. "We issued tenders to companies which sent in EoIs," adds Oil India.

"But other eligible contractors can still participate by sending EoIs by February 25." Whoever wins will get three months from the date of award to mobilise crew and equipment and will be required to complete the job within another 15 months.