3D seismic Karbi deadline extended again

Vol 19, PW 15 (07 Apr 16) News in Brief

Oil India has "reluctantly" extended for a second time the bid deadline for a blanket 3D seismic survey of its 396-sq km AA-ONN-2010/2 block in the insurgency prone and ecologically sensitive Karbi Anglong district of Assam.

The first bid deadline in this tender published on February 15 was March 15, later extended to April 6 and now to April 19. "There was a technical problem," admits an Oil India officer.

"Only Advent Oilfield and Geotech submitted bids when the server crashed." Last week Oil India stressed to this report it would not extend the bid deadline despite requests from Indian contractors Asian Oilfield, Alpha Geo and Russian contractor Geotech. Dangerous Karbi Anglong is one reason why Canadian explorer East West Petroleum (10%) wants to quit the AA-ONN-2010/2 consortium.

Most of the block is in a protected forest and home to the Karbi People's Liberation Tiger group which enjoys kidnapping oil workers. Three Indian OilTanking employees were abducted during a 200-lkm shoot from 2009 to 2012 and released only after payment of a ransom.