Geofizyka risks ONGC exclusion at Vygreswaram

Vol 18, PW 25 (13 Aug 15) Exploration & Production

Polish seismic contractor Geofizyka Krakow (don't confuse with Geofizyka Torun which is also bidding) is expected to be disqualified from an estimated $40m tender from ONGC where Asian Oilfield is widely believed to be front-runner.

Krakow and Asian are among six companies to bid on July 21 for the proposed 2010-sq km 'full-fold' 3D survey in the onland Vygreswaram area of Andhra Pradesh. "ONGC asked bidders to submit hard copy bids within a week of the submission deadline," says a source.

"It was clearly written in the evaluation criteria." But Krakow didn't submit a hard copy bid by July 28 leading to its potential disqualification. Many believe Asian Oilfield bid aggressively - as it did to win a separate ONGC project to shoot 250-sq km 3D at Tripura's Baramura Bulge area for Rs51.3cr ($8m) against Rs129cr ($20m) quoted by second ranked SK Projects.

"I hope Asian knows the difference between an aggressive and suicidal quote!" quips a rival. Also in the race for the Vygreswaram job is Alpha Geo - sole bidder for the last Vygreswaram tender before it was scrapped.

Also competing are Geofizyka Torun, IOT Infrastructure and newcomer Advent Oilfield with partner Elnusa from Indonesia. ONGC expects to evaluate bids by mid-September and will give 90 days to the winner to mobilise from award.

Whoever wins will need to deploy three crews over two seasons.