ONGC postpones 40,835-lkm 2D seismic deadline

Vol 18, PW 25 (13 Aug 15) Exploration & Production

ONGC has postponed its August 19 bid submission deadline by two weeks in a huge seismic tender to shoot 40,835-lkm onland 2D across India.

"We couldn't respond to queries raised at the pre-bid (held on July 20-21 in Mumbai)," confirms an ONGC source. "So we're seeking approval to extend the bid deadline.

We should answer all queries in two weeks." Around 20 contractors attended the pre-bid, including Alpha Geo, Asian Oilfield, IOT, Advent with Elnusa, Geofizyka Torun and Geofizyka Krakow. About 50 queries were raised but two critical problems concerned almost all contractors.

First was ONGC's condition that it will evaluate a company's experience only for work where it received the LoA after January 1, 2010 rather than just work done in the last five years. So if a company won a contract in 2009 but did the work from 2010 to 2014 then that experience still might not count.

Another anxiety-inducing criterion is that contractors must have experience shooting 1000-lkm of 2D for each sector in which it bids. In total there are 11 sectors.

So if a company has only 2000-lkm experience it can only bid for two sectors. "We should be allowed to bid for all sectors," says a contractor.

"And if we win many sectors but only have experience of 2000-lkm ONGC should award us any two sectors."