ONGC resumes delivery of north Gujarat crude to Koyali

Vol 8, PW 22 (09 Feb 05) News in Brief

IOC is again receiving supplies of heavy north Gujarat crude at its Koyali refinery to the great relief of ONGC, which had run out of storage space.

IOC has begun receiving between 11,500 and 12,000 tonnes per day since mid-January, ONGC tells us. Our production is 11,100 tonnes.

Last September the Koyali FCCU was damaged in a fire forcing IOC to reduce consumption of Ahmedabad and Mehsana crude to 10,500 tonnes a day, resulting in an unsustainable build-up of stocks at ONGC. Our stocks had reached about 146,000 tonnes, adds ONGC.

We threatened to close down the wells. ONGC says it received full support from the oil ministry.

Prabh Das (joint secretary refineries) told IOC to take whatever crude we produce. IOC then carried out some emergency repairs of the damaged Koyali unit and ONGCs stocks of north Gujarat crude are now down to a comfortable 130,000 tonnes.