Ray stays on

Vol 15, PW 1 (14 Jul 11) News in Brief

Against all expectations, neither Gujarat energy secretary DJ Pandian nor GSPC managing director Tapan Ray was moved out during a major reshuffle of Gujarat bureaucrats on July 8.

PETROWATCH learns Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi transferred 32 top officials across Gujarat in the first major restructuring of the state’s bureaucracy since November 2009. “Modi is happy with the work done by Pandian in the energy department and by Ray’s work at GSPC,” says a Gandhinagar source.

“So he didn’t touch them this time.” Both Pandian and Ray stepped into their present roles on November 9, 2009 and have each completed 20 months in their respective posts.

Modi is said to be pleased with both men’s involvement the Vibrant Gujarat investor summit in January. They were also instrumental in running the ‘Urja Shakti’ and ‘Urja Utsav’ travelling roadshows in April and May, which celebrated Gujarat’s energy sector achievements with carnival-style processions.