Discoverer extension

Vol 14, PW 25 (16 Jun 11) News in Brief

ONGC is in talks with Transocean to extend its three-year contract with deepwater drillship Discoverer Seven Seas, which ends this month (June).

Discoverer has been working for ONGC since July 2008 at $316,000/day. “We want Discoverer to drill two or three more wells,” confirms ONGC.

“We are talking to Transocean but nothing is finalised.” When contacted, Transocean (predictably!) declined to comment.

Discoverer is drilling exploration well GD-91 for ONGC at the KG-OS-DW-III licence, a pre-NELP block and by June 3 had drilled to 2400 metres, still 600 metres short of TD at 3000 metres. Separately, Transocean-owned deepwater rig Dhirubhai Deepwater KG-1 (DD-KG-1), sub-leased to ONGC by Reliance at $510,000/day since 2009, is drilling her second exploration well at an ONGC block off the Andaman Islands.

Vantage Drilling’s rig Platinum Explorer is also drilling exploration well Naha for ONGC at its KG-DWN-98/5 block at an Effective Day Rate of $642,285.