MRPL dirty fuel

Vol 14, PW 24 (02 Jun 11) News in Brief

There’s a storm brewing on the island nation of Mauritius over a ‘contaminated’ cargo of jet fuel allegedly supplied by ONGC subsidiary Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals (MRPL) to Mauritius-owned State Trading Corporation (STC).

PETROWATCH learns the Indian High Commissioner to Mauritius, M. Ganapathi, has asked the oil ministry in Delhi to investigate the allegation, and his queries were forwarded to MRPL on May 30.

Questions are being raised in Mauritius’s parliament about how exactly 950-tonnes of a 14,500-tonne cargo of jet fuel supplied by MRPL on April 22 this year was contaminated, and whether Mauritius should “diversify its sources of fuel supply.” When contacted, MRPL director technical PP Upadhyaya blames STC for the mishap.

“STC transported some of this jet fuel in a ‘small compartment’ on the ship, previously filled with garbage and unwanted materials,” he asserts. “STC has already confirmed to us this was its own fault!”