Mangalore pays $27-$29 for OVLآ’s Sudan crude

Vol 7, PW 6 (04 Jun 03) News in Brief

Mangalore Refineries will export an extra 600,000 tonnes of products over last year.

MRPL will export 2.6m tonnes of petroleum products this financial year, the company tells PETROWATCH. Last year we exported 2m tonnes of products worth $404.5m.

More 'sweet' crude from Sudan means the refinery's output will be weighted towards production offurnace oil, jet fuel and naphtha. Last year MRPL imported 4.94m tonnes of its 7.68m tonne requirement through NIOC and the rest from the spot market.

This year the company says it will run to full capacity at 9.69m tonnes and will export 1m tonnes of furnace oil, 400,000 tonnes of naphtha, 500,000 tonnes of jet fuel, 350,000 tonnes of petrol and 350,000 metric tonnes of diesel. We want to increase our focus on bulk marketing, especially of furnace oil, adds a source.