Cairn gets RJ-ON-90/1 appraisal extension

Vol 9, PW 5 (16 Jun 05) News in Brief

Cairn Energy told the London Stock Exchange on 13th June that it has received government approval for an 18-month extension of the exploration licence at RJ-ON-90/1, which expired on 15th May.

During the extension Cairn will evaluate more than 2884-sq km in the north and west of the block. Cairn said the appraisal area includes the Bhagyam and Shakti oilfields as well as several structures requiring appraisal and intervening tracts of untested acreage.

One such structure, the N-I structure, has been successfully tested by the N-I-2 well, which lies between the Bhagyam and Mangala fields. The N-I-2 well encountered 21 metres of net pay in high quality Fatehgarh reservoirs.

The estimated oil column is 150 metres. Cairn said the test saw the well flow at a stabilised rate of 2300 b/d of 24 degrees API oil on a 48/64 inch choke.

Preliminary estimates show the field holds between 35m and 70m barrels in place oil.