Cairn begins appraisal of two Kameshwari discoveries

Vol 11, PW 6 (26 Jul 07) Exploration & Production

Cairn India has begun drilling appraisal wells in the Northern Appraisal Area of Rajasthan discovery block RJ-ON-90/1 to assess the significance of the Kameshwari West-2 and 3 discoveries announced in May this year.

PETROWATCH learns Cairn began drilling in mid-July using one rig, part of a five-well appraisal programme on this 879-sq km patch adjacent to the main Mangala, Aishwariya, Saraswati and other discoveries on the block that Cairn says will begin producing in 2009, with full production reaching 150,000 b/d. On May 10th Cairn announced that the Kameshwari West-2 well, some 56-km south of Mangala, flowed 450 b/d of 33-degree API oil from a 32/64-inch choke with 50% water cut and that the well had “encountered 18.2 metres of net pay in the lower Dharvi Dungar formation from a gross interval of 40 metres.

â€‌ Less promising but still a discovery, Cairn announced that the Kameshwari West-3 well, located 12-km north of Kameshwari West-2, encountered 16 metres of gas pay “in a potential column of 100 metresâ€‌ and flowed 75,000 cf/d. Cairn strongly believes both discoveries open up an exciting new â€کplay’ for the company in the lower Dharvi Dungar sands on the western margin of the Rajasthan basin.

Cairn has six months to drill the five appraisal wells and uncover the true potential of the two Kameshwari West discoveries. In May it received oil ministry approval for a six-month extension to carry out the appraisal programme.

Cairn’s decision last year to shoot 350-sq km 3D seismic over the Northern Appraisal Area where the two Kameshwari discoveries lie was instrumental in convincing the oil ministry to grant the extension. “This seismic has been processed and interpreted,â€‌ we are told.

“The seismic was part of the work programme committed to get the extension.â€‌ According to the ministry, the six month extension was granted to enable Cairn to, “delineate and explore the full potentialâ€‌ of the Northern Appraisal Area where the Kameshwari West-2 and 3 discoveries were made.